Sunday, July 12, 2009

Attention Germs/Viruses/Other Obnoxious Organisms: I Hate You. That is All.

Yes, that's right. The flu has invaded our house. Fun. First, it was my mom, then dad, then both siblings. I refuse to get sick, until Wednesday, late afternoon. Then I don't care. Why Tuesday?

Despite my initial annoyance, I will be going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at midnight on Tuesday,

(*begin note that nobody will read* Technically, my annoyance was at the fact that WB made a non-kids movie a PG rating. Being fifteen, I would've gone to see it even if it had been PG-13. In fact, I've been longing to see it (read: obsessing over it) since last July, thinking that November couldn't come soon enough. I was really mad at WB for a while, after they pushed it till July 2009. *end note*)

with this guy. (Yes, he's my father. I won't deny it, my geekiness has got to come from somewhere. Right? Of course right).

(You can click to enlarge the picture to read the text, and if you're too non-geeky, the quote is from Bone. The protagonist (Bone) jumps on a little branch, commenting "Those rat creatures would have to be really stupid to jump on this little branch." The next panel shows the creatures jumping, and the protagonist yells "Stupid, stupid rat creatures!" as they fall. These are the same rat creatures who proclaim that quiche is an old-lady food, not monster food. It's a really cute graphic novel, and worth a read. Aren't they adorable? And don't get me started on Bartleby, the baby rat creature. Say it with me...Squee!)

amazing picture of petri dish, creative commons, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, via flickr

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