Monday, June 15, 2009

Really, Warner Brothers?!?

My rant in the style of "Really?!? with Seth and Amy" from Saturday Night Live. Be warned that it contains spoilers from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This is what I've determined from the book and the previews.

Today I found out that the upcoming Warner Brothers film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be rated PG. The last few films have been PG-13. I don't agree. Why, you ask...

Really, Warner Brothers?!? You think that a bridge being destroyed in the first few minutes of a film is family-friendly?


And you know, sending the really-bad-murderous-bad guys to a main character's house to destroy it (which isn't even in the book) is appropriate for children.


You think that a character touching a cursed necklace, flying up in the air, screaming, almost dying, and being in the hospital for weeks is PG?


You think that a lake full of dead bodies, which then become reanimated and try to stop the main characters from proceeding is PG? (not cute zombies either, the Inferi freaked me, a fifteen year old, out when I read the book, it will be scarier visually)


You think that a character consuming poisoned drink and almost dying is PG?

Really?!? Huh.

And a very important character being murdered by a supposed good guy and falling off of a tower is PG?


Plus there's the new angst/romance stuff, and the fact that two characters are practically glued together by the lips. Huh.


Really, Warner Brothers? Really?!?

(Add to that the fact that Warner Brothers won't share their stuff online, they don't have a way to embed video. They don't understand that the internet is probably the fastest and most efficient way to spread media. Grrr. Really, Warner Brothers? You can't play nice with everyone? Really?!?)

Plus, now when I go see it (at midnight, the first showing!), it will be interrupted by little kids crying 'cause they're scared. Grrr.

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