Friday, June 18, 2010

Wait, it's June? Already? Time for dancing animals...

So, class has been over for a few weeks (thank you, God!) and exactly a month from today, I'll be leaving to go on a trip with my church. I'll most likely post all my deep, reflective, smart-sounding posts over here . But where's the fun in that? Presenting, for your enjoyment, this. (You'll want your sound on, promise).

Now, you'll go around singing "Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya!" as my family does. And, come to think of it, some friends, too. But seriously, thirty days from now, I'm going to Kenya! Wow!

For bonus fun, another Kenya song! In Swahili! (That uses the phrase "Hakuna Matata"!)

Now, my evil plot to get these songs stuck in your head is complete. *insert evil laughter here*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life strikes again...

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, here are two thousand words to tide you over until I am sane again. Or have more free time. Or better time management skills. My to do list is a million miles long at this point. Poor, neglected blog. Life just gets in the way sometimes, ya know?

This is me. Staring at the computer, as I have been doing every week. Not the best picture of me, but one that summarizes the past few months well.

And while attempting to organize my notebook...with all the papers on the couch, Perry...fuzzy little monster...decided to get in on the fun. Which of course means sleeping. Something I haven't done much of in these past few months. Drama queen that she is, she opened one eye long enough to be photographed. Then went back to sleep. So, there you go. Two thousand plus words. Going to bed now...up for class in a matter of hours.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No, I haven't vanished from the face of the earth…yet.

Has it really been six months since I posted? I've been so busy that it went by quickly, I suppose. For your enjoyment, here is a list of reasons that I've neglected my poor blog. (For snark, please press 1. For academic-sounding-gibberish, please go elsewhere.)
  • School. Well, I am homeschooled, but I'm taking a class that requires a lot of work. If there's one thing I learn this year, it will be to stop procrastinating. I've been up all night to finish an assignment a few times. It's horrible for me, I know.
  • Band. After three years in band, I made it to the advanced band. I was really nervous at first, but I love it. Although, having rehearsal once a week and a commitment to practice for two hours every week suck up my time.
  • In December, I auditioned for, and was in a Christmas production. That was another huge time chunk.
  • I honestly haven't known what to write. I don't want this just to become a diary of sorts, where I vent and complain about boys and drama. What do I want? I don't know. Hence, the blog hiatus.
Hopefully, I'll resume blogging soon. (In the meantime, you can check out my new book blog)