Saturday, June 4, 2011

Social Media Killed My Blog

Hear that sound? You can hear it if you really listen. That's the sound of my poor little blog reminding me that it's dead. If by dead, I mean, hasn't had a post in months. The last time I posted was...*checks blog* June 18. Almost exactly a year ago. Poor dead blog. It may sound cliche, but a ton can happen in a year, and a ton has happened.
  • For starters, I went to Kenya. Me, the shy kid. I got on a plane with eighty other people and flew halfway around the world. I walked through the slums of the Mathare Valley, just outside Nairobi, Kenya. I held hands and danced with children, talked with people who had lost family to AIDS and other diseases, drank tea and talked about God, "died" in a drama presentation and saw God. I had fun. I felt left out. I cried. I spilled my guts. It was amazing. My only regret is that it took so long for me to get outside of her comfort zone. I'm hoping to go again next summer (2012). Talk about an amazing senior trip!
  • I dropped the insane class I'd been taking. There are three classes. Last year, I took the first. This year I skipped the next one. Next year, I'm going back to the program, and doing a Shakespeare class with the same people. No more procrastinating, no more all-nighters to finish papers. I'm excited.
  • I wrote a novel for NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words. It's by no means my best work, but I did it. The words are on the page. I also wrote a script for ScriptFrenzy and decided I like novels much, much more.
  • I turned 17. It's not a huge thing to me, but it is to everyone else.
  • Possibly the most important, I got involved in social media. (No, I'm not telling you which sites. Stalker.) It took up a ton of time, and killed my already-dead blog.

    See, social media is awesome. I want to share a video? I put it on my Facebook page or post it anywhere else. Copy-paste the link, share it with one click. I know the hundred plus people I'm friends with will see it. But my blog? Not so much. Part of that is my fault; I tend to keep my internet life and real life separate. If you're one of the what, four? people who actually read this...hi. :) I promise to try to not have my blog die again.