Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Then Buffy Staked Edward.The End.Hooray.

I must admit, for a while, I was caught up in the "Twilight fever". I liked Edward because, unlike most stupid teen heartthrobs, he wasn't shallow. So I wasn't happy when the movie came out, and Twilight became "Forks Washington, 98331" and Edward became a stupid, shallow heartthrob. In addition, the acting was wooden, the makeup horrible, and the stunts/special effects laughable. So for all of us that hated the movie, Edward finally gets his comeuppance.


The one thing that I want to know though, is when does Bella get her turn? Her acting was horrible, worse than Edward's.

And to all the Twilight fans who proclaim "OMG! He is sooooooooo hot!" I now reply "OMG, are you twelve?"

Edit 1: And you thought Robert Pattinson was shallow? He got hit by a cab, while he was running from fans. (He's not seriously hurt.) See?

Edit 2: And apparently Google is obsessed too, because this is what came up after the blog post published successfully. Blech!

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